Experiences Photos and Information: 08/21/12

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bohol Divers Club Panglao, Bohol - Overnight Swimming

It’s Monday August 20, 2012 first day of the week and it’s a Holiday here in our country because it is a day of celebration and a respect for the remembrance of our former Philippine President Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, the father of our present President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino also known as P-noy.
It’s time to have an Family outing, but this time not with my family side but together with my in-laws, its 14:30 hours when we prepare the foods and things to bring for the outing since my mother in law has a boutique Located at Jagna Market, town of Jagna Bohol Philippines, she started to close the store and move on to the beach. 2 hours of traveling from our departure place to our destination as we drive slowly because the car capacity is full.
As we arrived at our destination it is a great surprise because at first impression of the place is so boring we can’t even see beautiful design of the place, and we have no idea of what is this resort. Excitedly walk together with my wife’s brother and uncle down the stair going to the beach and here it is the surprising part of this place. A few steps away from the entrance of this resort is the long and white sand beach who captured our eyes together with the breeze of the wind I feel in my whole body and face it was so fresh.
A lot of surprises as we went over to the place and take a tour of the surrounding, there are a lot of beautiful places and of those are the restaurants and bars standing before us and the whole place was full of bars and restaurant with a lot of international and foreign people eating and drinking it feels like we are not in the Philippines. We just feel that we are standing at other countries like United States of America of other countries which have beautiful places. Continuing, we rented four (4) rooms because we are all 10 people and we need to divide ourselves into four (4) rooms. I and my wife had our own room and others do have their own rooms too.
5 o’clock in the afternoon when we started to prepare for our foods to eat; I got a picture of the food we bring to eat for our dinner for us to have a less spending for we know that the foods on this place are too expensive for us to buy. It’s dinner time, we do have rice, sweet potato or we called it “Camote” in our local dialect we do have fried fish, sweet and sour fish “Iscabetsi” do I spelled it right or wrong I don’t really know the correct spelling of the word, we also have shrimps and some meet. We also brought some drinks soft and hard drinks to drinks after we eat and for our overnight swimming.
Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention the name of the place we are in. Can anyone guess one of the beautiful beaches in Panglao Island, an Island of Bohol Province which is a famous place for beautiful beaches? We just arrive and stayed inn at BOHOL DIVERS CLUB Panglao Bohol.

Here is a photo at the entrance of the Resort while still waiting our companion checking in at the counter area we can not wait for the pictorial at the site.

Of course, yours truly take the first picture at the Resort when I was sitting beside the flowers at the parking area of the resort my wife try to steal a shot on me but I saw her shooting me so I did turn and face on her to get a great shot. After having my first picture I also took my wife because I know that she is the one who is very addicted on taking photos herself, everywhere we go she really loves to take a picture as a remembrance of our tour and outing and also she loved to upload and post some her photos at www.facebook.com. She actually has a lot of photos at the site because every time we went to other places she can not wait and I can not stop her of taking a picture.
Here she is on her first photo of this event beside the car we are riding when we travel going to this place it a black adventure car. I started to notice the beauty of this resort after I took her a picture as I saw that the building at the back is so nice and great, those rooms at the building are for rent and according to the in-charge of the resort that most of the rooms are fully occupied therefor we beg for some rooms for us to stay and thank god we found some room available but there are no more air conditioned rooms left so we just accept the room though only electric fans are available for us to stay at this beautiful place.
A photo of us from left to right: Yours truly, my mother in law, my brother in law and my wife's uncle he is the wife of my mother in law's younger sister. At the back you can see a building and it does belong to Bohol Divers Club Resort, also there is a circle form swimming pool at the back but I missed to take a photo of the pool because we are excited to go to the beach to see how beautiful the beach and the white sand of the resort so we continued moving on forward to the beach.
This is the building where we stayed in, we rented (4) four rooms on this building for us to occupied by partners because we are 10 people so we need to divide ourselves. The man sitting at the entrance of the second room is my wife's uncle. The rooms we rented are from room number 6 which located at the other building and this is the only air conditioned room available because most room are occupied so the other 3 rooms only have electric fan, room is occupied by my 2 brother in laws namely: Oliver "Kuya" as what they called him and he's the older brother and Sherwin "Pipoy" the youngest, 2 aunts which are the sisters of my mother in law namely: Manang Ajing and Insi Belen, the daughter of aunt Ajing named Ivy Rose, and Insi Belen's Husband Manong Meo. They all occupied on the big and air conditioned room because they are many while we and others are occupying the small room which only 2 persons can occupied. I and my wife are at room 24 which you can see at the photo above the fourth (4Th) room from right to left while others are at room 22 and 27. We are all set and leaved our baggage at the room we are staying with and immediately went down and go to the beach to swim and enjoy our outing time.
A front view of the Building where we stayed in while the crews of this resort preparing for our rooms arranging the bed I got a chance to take some pictures and I did took this view while my brother in law saw a dead coconut, he took it and make a pose and I did took him a picture. Great shot I did, you can see the full view of the building and I am sure you find it great as what I had observed.
Here comes darkness and it's great to see the night's view of this resort, look at the beauty of the lights from that building. I took a picture of this one by the way that building was the one posted above, the upper part of this building is a restaurant where we eat our meals the next day while the ground part is a divers gear rental area. I enjoy eating because they offer "Eat all you can" and the foods are very delicious, I actually took a picture of the foods we eat.

If you like to visit Bohol Divers Club you can check and inquire at their website: Check it here www.boholdiversclub.com for reservation and for the resort's information. If you love to walk in visit the resort is located at Alona Beach, Danao Panglao, Bohol Philippines. For a more satisfying experience with the resort, they have added some services like 2 Swimming Pools, Restaurant, Beach Bar, ReefDive Shop(change to bohol divers club), Outdoor Games Facilities, Safety Deposit Boxes, Laundry Services, Transfer Assistance Massage Services, Beach Volleyball, WIFI Internet Access.