Experiences Photos and Information: 08/23/12

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kerosene Lamp

And God said written at the book of Genesis chapter 1 verse 3, "Let there be light," and there was light. 2 Corinthians 4:6 For God, who said, "Let light shine out of darkness," made his light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ. These bible verses are famous because at we all know that god created light first before creating everything on earth right? I just love this verses that I included it here in my article about the kerosene lamp I found at one of the restaurant we used to eat our dinner. While waiting for our ordered food I looked for some things to take a picture and I found this pretty kerosene lamp on our table and I did took a picture of it on this view.

I just love the design of this kerosene lamp and because it made up of a glass this one looks great for me because most of us here in our place before we used a kerosene lamp but that was made of “Cans” a sardine cans, other people uses small bottles and put a kerosene inside and a piece of cloth where it fire.
Kerosene lamps are very useful for people who lived in mountain area where there is no electricity and at the same time is a necessity if your electricity goes out (Brown out / Black out), but they also provide a cozy and romantic atmosphere.
Here is a tutorial on how to make a Kerosene Lamp at home. First of all you’ll need to prepare these materials:

(Robe Fibers, Old cotton shirt, Old shoelaces, Old paper bags, Salt, Water, Cotton balls, Gauze, Yam)

Follow this Guide:
1. Make wicks from old paper bags. Cut the paper bags into strips measuring 3 by 10 inches. Roll and twist the strips from one end to the other. Then, dip the strips in 2 cups of water mixed with ¼ cup salt. Air-dry the paper wicks on a tray overnight before using. The salt on the wicks prevents the paper from charring as it burns.
2. Make wicks using cotton balls. Loosen the fibers of three cotton balls by unraveling the cotton fibers to stretch the cotton to an elongated shape. Then, place the elongated cotton balls on a flat surface. Connect the ends of the three elongated cotton balls by overlapping ½ inch of the bottom part of the first cotton ball to ½ inch of top part of the second one; repeat this for the third cotton ball. Then, using your fingers, roll them up together tightly to produce a long wick.
3. Use gauze--similar to that used to dress wounds--to make wicks. You can purchase a roll of gauze from a pharmacy or department store, or you can buy ¼ yard of gauze from a fabric store. Then, cut it in strips measuring 3 inches wide and the length you need for your kerosene lamp. For average-sized kerosene lamp, up to 10 inches long should work.
4. Use knitting yarn to make wicks. Cut three pieces of yarn measuring 10 inches long each. Then, loosely braid them together. Tie a knot on the top and bottom ends of the braid to keep it from unraveling.
5. Use rope fibers as wicks. Use ropes made from trees and not the synthetic or plastic types. Loosely wind together several strands of rope fibers--enough to fit the opening of your kerosene lamp--or make a braid using the method described in Step 4. Dip the rope fiber wick in salted water to prevent charring (see Step 1).
6. Make wicks using old cotton shirts. Cut the shirts in strips the will fit into the kerosene lamp opening. Insert one piece through the opening, leaving enough fabric outside to hold the flame.
7. Use old shoelaces to make wicks. You can braid two or three shoelaces together, depending on the size of your lamp opening.
But there are a lot of ways to create a Kerosene Lamp it depends on what materials are available at home, you can either create a lamp made of sardine cans so that you don’t need to spend money to create one. All you need is to find a disposed sardine cans and a piece of cloth. 

Unique Things Found at the Resort

Flippers, swim-fins or foot fins for divers. According to www.wikipedia.com this are worn on the foot or leg and made from fin-like rubber or plastic, to aid movement through the water in water sports activities such as swimming body-boarding, body surfing, knee-boarding, river boarding and various types of underwater diving.But the foot fins you saw above is a different kind of fins because this one is made of wood, it can not be wear by any divers because the size of this one is just like the size of a mobile phones. 
This is just a key holder foot fins I took a picture because it's a unique key holder for me and I haven't seen a foot fins key holder before. If you take a look at the photo you can find that it is big and can be use by people for diving but it is not, some local people especially those fishermen here in the Philippines uses also a wooden foot fins they made their own foot fins and used it when they are catching fish for them to swim faster than the way they swim on their own feet without using this equipment. But this one is just a key holder with attached the keys from the rooms we rented it a nice and unique key holder made of wood.
I love to bring this foot fins at home when we depart from the resort and make it as a souvenir, a remembrance from the place but I can't do that since this one is not for sale so I looked for something unique things at the resort and found this very awesome Sea Shell beside the sea and this one is for sale so I can take this one home.
This is really Amazing and awesome creation of a Sea Shell where they put some creatures inside the shell, according to the salesman who was selling this souvenir to us this cost Php150.00 pesos. You will surely buy this shell if you see it in person because of its beauty and uniqueness. As you can see there are star fish, another small shell and a small crab inserted inside which attracts the most about this shell.
I remember back when I was young, collecting this kind of shell in our place there are a lot of shell like this but we collected the small one and we used it for playing together with my friends the game was like a marble game in which we need to shoot the shells into the three holes created in a form of triangle at the land or soil. It is a capturing game in which if you shoot the shell through spinning it going into the holes and if you shoot it perfectly all of your opponents shell will be yours. We called this shell in our local dialect as "Buskay"