Experiences Photos and Information: 08/24/12

Friday, August 24, 2012

Awesome Places - Abaca Chair

While walking beside the sea shore where there are plenty of restaurant to choose from for dining and drinking some juices and some liquor we saw a lot of beautiful spots at the place the first one we saw is this unique chair made of Abaca Tree and surrounded with beautiful flowers. My wife can not wait to take a picture sitting on this chair, I really love to sit with this chair because it is very relaxing and my first impression of this chair when I saw it, thought that it is not  strong and not good to sit but when I tried sitting down and pose for a pictorial, wow! It is very relaxing to sit and you can lay down on this to if you want to take a rest. Haha, I am forced to pose like this though I am not fun taking photos on myself because I am a shy type of person and I am not looking good in front of the camera but then, because of this beautiful spot and for my wife's request. Yes I did! And not bad to look at all and feel great to see this photo as a remembrance of our outing and family bounding. We did consider it as a date for the two of us and we were so happy to be together hanging out on this wonderful place.