Experiences Photos and Information: 08/25/12

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Motorcycle Plate Number and Certificate of Registration

Just got my motorcycle plate number from Motor Ace Inc, Philippines, Jagna, Bohol branch this afternoon when I went there to pay for the monthly payment of my motorcycle loan. My monthly payment amount is Php 3,052.00 pesos but I paid only amounting to Php 2,852.00 pesos due to the deduction of rebate which is Php 200.00 pesos which is a big help for me because this Php 200.00 pesos is big amount of money here in our place in which we can buy more food or other things we want to buy. I was able to get a less of 200 pesos because I paid at the right date of my payment schedule monthly. I also brought the plate number together with the Official Receipt and the registration documents from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) when I went home and was so happy because I can now travel safe without any worrying that I might be caught by an officer of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) or even a local Police especially that now a days the government here is very strict about vehicle driving. The Local Government Unit (LGU) are assigning policemen to have a check point in almost all of the towns so it is very safe to have these requirements, likewise one of the most important thing is the Driver’s License in which I just recently apply at the Local Transportation Office (LTO). Really feel glad to get those requirements smoothly and it takes a short time only to complete the processing of these requirements.

Below you can find my Legal documents together with my Driver’s License; I also included my motorcycle photo (Red Fury Kawasaki motorcycle).
Certificate of Registration