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Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to claim your earned points from smart

I believed there are a lot of people know about this rewards from Smart Communications Inc. I discovered this reward program 2 days ago and I want to share this information to all people who can read this blog of mine for you to know that you can claim and get your rewards from this communication company. This is not a big rewards but this is very helpful for you (Smart Subscriber) because you can get discount for your monthly payment especially for your Internet plan and you can get a lot of discount from different companies which are partner of Smart Communications Inc. Later you will know the entire discount you may avail from your points earned from loading or payment of your plan at the same time on how to claim your rewards.

Does it sound great for you?

It’s time to get started to learn these things for you to claim your Rewards. If you are a (Smart Buddy, Smart Gold and Smart Bro subscriber) please follow the guide below.
Let me introduced to you first what is a Smart Rewards.

SMART Rewards is Smart Communications Inc. way of thanking us (subscribers) for our continued patronage of our services!

Earn points every time you load your personal accounts (SMART Buddy and SMART Bro Prepaid), or for every peso charged to your postpaid account (SMART Gold and SMART Bro Postpaid).

Get discounts from more than 100 of our partner merchants with over 1,000 branches nationwide! Plus, get members-only access to exclusive promos for chances to win gadgets, movie tickets, concert tickets and more!

How to join Smart Rewards?
Joining SMART Rewards is quick and easy!

If you are using SMART Gold and SMART Buddy SIM, just text REWARDS to 9800 for free!

If you have a SMART Bro subscription, just create an account in WebConnect and you're done!

Only individual accounts of SMART Gold, SMART Buddy and SMART Bro can join. Corporate accounts, service units, retailer SIMS, Infinity and Talk N Text are excluded from the program.

For newly activated accounts, please allow forty-eight (48) hours before joining SMART Rewards.

Click here to read the terms and condition

How to check your points balance?

Check Points Balance
It is absolutely easy to find out how many points you have with SMART Rewards.

If you are a SMART Gold or SMART Buddy user, just text POINTS to 9800 for free. It will display all available points you have as of the date indicated in the SMS message.

If you are a SMART Bro subscriber, log-in to WebConnect and click on INQUIRIES. It will display all available points as of the date indicated.

Claim your Free Items

When you have accumulated enough points, you can use your points to get free items for your account. Check the post above for the instructions on how to check your points balance.

Refer to the table below for a list of redeemable items available for you. Check the instructions on the rightmost column for details on how to claim your chosen item:

Please note the validity period of your redeemed item. The validity period will start on the time the item was credited to your account.

For prepaid accounts, items will be credited to your account instantly.

For postpaid accounts, items will be credited on the next bill run.


Your mobile phone can now give you TICKETS and TREATS via bCODE. By accumulating enough points, you can start redeeming FREE popcorn, FREE drink, FREE movie tickets and P100 OFF movie discount coupons available in all SM Cinema branches nationwide. Just keep using your SMART Gold, SMART Buddy and SMART Bro accounts to earn more points!

Check Here for the complete list of companies and stores where you can get discount.
Check Here for the promos you may avail base on your points earned.

Enjoy guys, I haven't claimed my rewards yet but, I'm on my way for claiming it. I had checked my balance and available points and I was surprised.

You currently have 105,947 rewards points as of 19/09/2012. 

I am thinking what item to choose since my place is far from the city to avail and use those discount from their partner stores and company rewards.  Maybe I will choose the payment bill discount for my internet plan or divide my points to any of the item or discounts I like.

So? What are you waiting for claim your rewards now, I know that you do have points but you just don't know yet if you do. 

I hope this information is helpful to you. Check the smart rewards site for more information www.smart.net.ph