Experiences Photos and Information: 10/07/12

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Self Reflection

Life as we knew is a union of body and soul; it is a period between birth and death, and according to the dictionary as I read that life is vitality.

“It’s my life”, “This is my life “, “All my life “, “Love of my life”, “Changes in my life”. These are famous words we always heard, read, listen or even watch at the television every single day of our lives. There are a lot of song, poem, story, and a movie that talks about life.

Life is full of conflicts and is very complicated; there are times that you feel satisfied and very comfortable and time comes that a person will fall down from satisfaction into extreme failure which is caused by problems which turns a person into a heartache and makes a person to be paralyze (mentally and spiritually) and trapped in a box. When talking about trapped in a box it means that a person can’t move or when you saw a paralyze person it is very clear in mind that the person can’t move normally or can’t even walk straight because a part of his/her body is dead. In this situation of life we need someone to help us survive and move us out from this bad situation. What is the first step we / you should make? We should question ourselves and let us reflect our selves for us to know and learn the things that makes us paralyzed and let us call help from our creator and savior "Jesus Christ".

How to reflect yourself?
  1. What are the hardships you are encountering in your life this time?
  2. What are the hindrances in your life why you can not serve god? 
  3. What are the reasons why you can not focus on serving god?
  4. What are your plans in your life? (Especially in the future)
  5. What is your current life status? (Is it bad or good?) 
  6. What are your needs in life?
  7. Can you control yourself to avoid doing bad things?
  8. How can you change your life from Bad to good?
  9. How happy or satisfied are you with your life situation today?
  10. Think of someone (God) or things you really needed which you think could help you solve all you problems, hardships and needs in life and at the same time can make you feel satisfied.